Esperance Pony Club

2011 committee

President - Michelle Fowler (0428343037)

Secretary - 

Treasurer - Desiree Clark

Rallies Organiser - Mareeka Coward

Committee - Antoinette Vincent, Niki Curtis, Cylie Smith, Fiona Kuss, Victoria Brown, Sheila Oorschot

Pony Club Association of Western Australia

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Welcome to our Club

Thank you for choosing to be part of our pony club for 2014.

We currently have members with a wide range of ages and ability, which is fantastic. Members have represented the state at national competition level, worked hard and won prestigious titles. Equally as important are the members/parents who have presented at every rally, rain, wind or beautiful sunshine, tried hard, persevered, endured heartbreaking loss of their beloved mounts, disappointment with horse injuries, yet still keep attending with a positive attitude. You are fantastic people, we can look forward to a fun year ahead!

Please keep in mind that our club is very small and this exacerbates the problem of “many jobs for few.” Those of you lucky enough to have horses on your own patch of land will understand that maintenance of property is an ongoing requirement. We all know that if jobs are left unattended, they simply get larger, harder and inevitably more expensive. There is no paid caretaker at the grounds.  From time to time we need to have busy bees to maintain the grounds, yards and equipment. Your membership of this club requires you to contribute to these days, the club cannot financially survive without substantial donations of labour throughout the year.

There are many ways to help out from picking up litter and debris instead of walking past it, helping to administrate at rallies or events, making that extra slice at home when cooking for your family and bringing it to

the rally, up to perhaps bringing your special trade skills such as fencing, welding ……or just good old plain muscle power!


Your horse or pony must be 4 years or over. Younger horses are only permitted at the discretion of the club and prior permission must be sought. No stallions.

Make sure your mount is healthy, clean and tidy, with well cared for feet. Put a red ribbon on his tail and warn others if he kicks. It is your responsibility to keep him away from others. It does not matter if you or your horse cannot jump, is scared in games, or can’t canter a circle - that is part of learning to be a pony club horse and rider team! Don’t worry, that is why you are here!

Your tack should be in good, safe condition. This does not mean it has to be the latest greatest thing the shop had to offer! No hackamores and all horses must have a bit in their mouth and a noseband. You may ride in a stock saddle.

You must have an approved hat (see attached) and smooth soled riding boots. We prefer jodhpurs, but if you don’t have any just yet, it’s fine to wear basic jeans. There will be rally uniforms for sale later in the year, as well as competition uniforms for those wishing to travel and compete.

Don’t forget your water bucket and food for your mount!


Rallies are held on the second Sunday of every month. Members are expected to RSVP to the rally co ordinator Mareeka Coward ( so that she can form groups of riders/horses with similar abilities and make a timetable.

The rally starts with a gear check, then groups rotate through lessons in Flat, Jumping, Cross Country, Games, Horsemastership and Club Service. The lessons are based on the Pony Club Syllabus of Instruction, which can lead to examinations in proficiency. Although not mandatory, these tests are recommended as it gives the members something to work towards. Older members may also include these proficiency tests in their WACE.

PARENTS/HELPERS: If you are not particularly horsey – well done and thanks for bringing your child along! There are lots of basic safety tips you will learn along the way and please step up and ask if you do not understand what is being taught to your child.  If there are siblings who are not part of pony club who must attend with you, can you please make sure that they stay safe, respect the riders /coaches and that you know where they are at all times.



The wearing of a correctly fitting and secured Safety Helmet which complies with the requirements of ASA / NZS 3838 -2003 is compulsory.

Also acceptable are Safety Helmets which comply with one of the following standards:

PAS 015 (UK) ASTM F 1163 (USA) EN 1384 (Europe)

The retention harness and chinstrap must be correctly and firmly fastened at all times when mounted

Should a Helmet come off, it must be replaced immediately before resuming the Activity

The Helmet must not be removed for saluting or for presentation of awards

Bicycle Helmets are not permitted

Any Helmet that receives a moderate to serious impact, must be replaced

Helmets normally have the date of manufacture marked on the helmet. ASA/NZS 3838 advises that helmets have a usable life of 5 years, and those that are used very frequently may require earlier replacement

Peaks on Helmets are optional

May have cover in Club/Zone colours. Fluffy Beanie Hat Covers are NOT permitted.

The wearing of Safety Helmets around horses/ponies in yards/tie up areas is strongly recommended

The helmet should be properly fitted and fastened under the lower jaw when riding and handling horses.

Store helmets away from heat and direct sunlight and be aware that the helmet may be damaged and rendered ineffective by cleaning agents

Please ensure all Clip Fasteners (particularly the smaller ones on the Shiny Cuddly Pony type helmets) are clicked up securely as it has been known for some to come undone whilst the rider is performing an activity.

Use of a Detachable Sunshade is optional

The use of Fly Nets for Riders and Coaches is permitted.